Magical Makeovers at the Fair

Disclaimers and removal advice...


The products that we use have been designed for professional use and comply with all the EEC cosmetic regulations. As with any cosmetic products some people may develop a sensitivity to one of the ingredients. Some children are allergic to elements contained in the wide range of ingredients in common products and we accept no liability for this. If you have any concerns about skin allergies or sensitivities, we advise you do not proceed without a patch test. Please discuss this with a team member. We recommend leaving the test item on for at least 20 minutes to see if there is a reaction but you may wish to wait longer.

Children must have permission from a responsible adult. Team members will assume that a child arriving with money has been granted approval, rather than insisting adults attend with the child in all instances, but please note that we are not a child care service and there must be an adult nearby, who is responsible for the safety, behaviour and welfare of the children.


We will only apply face paint and/or glitter to children who are happily willing to participate. Any children that seem upset or worried will not be painted. This is at the team member’s discretion.

Face Paint

For the safety of our customers we regret we will not paint anyone who, in the opinion of the face painter working here, appears to be suffering from a cold sore, conjunctivitis, or any other infectious skin complaint, or who has eczema or an open cut on their face.


We follow a strict code of practice regarding hygiene. We use a clean sponge for each person and brushes are cleaned regularly throughout each event. All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each event.


To ensure that health and hygiene standards are maintained, we ask that our products remain untouched by anyone other than the members of the team. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times.


Please make sure children's faces are clean and noses have been wiped before being painted.


We do not paint children under three years old as the products we use are not recommended for children under three. With parental approval, we can paint arms and legs of two year olds as the skin is not as sensitive.


We will not paint designs that we consider may be in any way racially or religiously offensive, obscene and/or inappropriate for the event.


All of our face paints are water-based and can be removed by washing with mild soap or baby shampoo and plenty of water. Take care around the eyes as soap can sting! Some colours may temporarily stain slightly if the skin is dry - baby oil (or olive oil) after washing may help to remove this - and any remnants should fade in a day or so. 

It is not advisable to use baby wipes as they sometimes contain alcohol which can sting, or oils which seal the colour onto the skin.


Clothes that have been in contact with face paint should be soaked in cold water (ideally with a stain remover) before washing normally.


Face gems are applied with a mild adhesive and should simply peel off.

Glitter Tattoos

These cannot be applied to anyone with an allergy to plasters due to the glue on the stencils.


Our glitter tattoo products are not approved for use on the face, so we will only apply below this point.


Glitter tattoos can last up to a week with proper care - when bathing, do not scrub them and do not apply soap to the tattoo. The tattoo should survive a swimming session.



To remove a tattoo, wipe gently with baby or olive oil or use an alcohol wipe/rubbing alcohol. You may need to repeat this several times until the tattoo is removed completely.

Festival Glitter

We will not apply glitter on children right next to the eyes because of the risk of getting it in the eye.


We use gel rather than glue, so an absent-minded wipe of the face will move glitter and odd flakes will fall off by themselves as time passes. Once the customer has left the stall, we are not responsible for injuries sustained by the glitter. Please take care to remember that the glitter is there.


The majority of the glitter can be removed using a piece of card to scrape across the surface of the skin. Wipe away from the eyes to avoid any accidentally getting into the eye. Follow by washing with mild soap and water. There may be a few stubborn specks left behind, these will fall off within a few hours.

Hair Bling

Feathers and tinsel are applied using micro-beads for ease of removal as this is a school event. This method can last up to 6 weeks if you do not have to remove it to meet appearance rules at your school or work.


The products can be washed, dried and heat styled with your hair (avoid over 230° degree heat). However, please treat feather extensions delicately when brushing as they may break, like real hair.


You can swim with both of these in.


The micro-beads are compressed with pliers to clamp the hairs. To remove them, use pliers to push the thin edges together to reform the bead into a circle and then pull it down the hair strands.